(Week 44) Xmas in Melbourne

Quick update for the week:


Was supposed to go cycling but ended up yumchachacha-ing with Wi and Az! Getting all them fats, but hey, the hearty food led to heartfelt conversations ❤


Kak Ra and Sy were in town and Ya drove us around Yarra Valley 🙂 It was really good to hear about the things that are happening back home…

Wednesday & Thursday

Days of sweet treats! Made honey cornflakes and went shopping for Di’s gift.

T’s secret santa gave him a really cool gift! Finally he’d have a break from his usual CK Be. And De gave us East Indian biscuits which reminds me very much of kecipot.

No, we don’t celebrate Christmas because we believe in it. We join the festivity simply in the name of fun!



The text message I sent PF came to mind as I waited at the cafe. T was with Au at that time. I didn’t ponder much on the thought. But hah, whatever was happening would definitely not be approved by 18 years-old-me, and a conversation on my relation with QH the next night confirmed that.

The things I do for love.



I asked T to dye my hair a darker shade. “Come, be my bitch. Dye my hair.” “Pffth.” “Please……”

While he dyed my hair, he didn’t allow me to touch my phone (after taking some snaps) ’cause I needed to just sit and look at him do my hair in exchange for his time. “But you’re my hairdresser, and I surf the net when hairdressers do their thing…” Cutesy pleading didn’t work. So I annoyed the shit out of him by talking shit throughout the 15 minutes, hehe!

The things he does for love.

Sunday – Xmas Day

We ate food, we talked about food, and we exchanged food as gifts. It was a wonderful Christmas lunch 😀

And guess what? I gave myself a Christmas gift too: A damn scar from the iron. ‘Cause stupid. First time burning myself in years. “Dah Bby, I can’t be a stewardess already. Got long scar on my forearm.” T scoffed in return.

At night, our dinner plans got cancelled and so we played 11 rounds of Monopoly Deal. We made a bet: Who wins 5 rounds first can make the other a slave-bitch for the night, i.e. he/she can order the other to do anything and everything. I swear, the forfeit was purely T’s idea. It was tough competition, but hehehehe, yours truly won and it was an epic ending, largely ’cause I was sneaky!

But I was really nice afterwards. The only thing I made him do was make me drinks while we watched Narcos. I initially didn’t even want to ask, but he provoked me, and I just had to! Otherwise, I would have been even nicer, hah.


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