(Week 45) New Year in Melbourne


2016 was a year full of privileges and blessings – from something small, like T making me a cup of Milo, to the bigger stuffs, like someone really close not losing to cancer – and I’m ever so grateful for each of them! And hehe, I’ve been fortunate enough to end 2016 and start 2017 happily with those who really matter 🙂

30 Dec – 3AM to 3.30AM

I usually sleep by 12.30am, but because it was my youngest sister’s 14th, I stayed up to wish her happy birthday at Singapore’s midnight. The gift I shipped in for her arrived on time (phew!) and I’m so glad she loves it 😀 She initially cringed when I sang her the birthday song (tsk!), but her eyes lit up when she opened up the present from me and T. That elated cute hamster face of hers made my lack of sleep worth it 🙂

30 Dec – 4PM to 11.30PM

Ga was house-sitting* this enormous and glamorous house, and she invited us over for a pool-pizza party! The owners actually encouraged her to have a big party, but she didn’t dare. Neither would I ’cause most of the items in the house were too pretty to touch and you wouldn’t want anything bad to happen under your care. In any case, the house was inspiring, in terms of design and the technology it has, and the five of us know that we’re in the wrong profession, hah.

It was a fun hang out session, especially the pizza making part! If you have my instagram, you’d be able to see in a video that I had a little dance when adding pizza toppings, hehe 😛 T was impressed on how relatively easy it is to make pizza from scratch, and we may try out on our own soon!

*You know, it’s like baby-sitting, but instead of a baby, it’s a house. Haha, yes, apparently it’s a common act in Melbourne when house owners go for holidays. Sometimes they pay you to come for a couple of hours to make sure the place is clean and safe, other times they let you stay.

30 Dec – 12.00AM to 1.30AM

Hee, didn’t think I’d get to meet my babes again in 2016, but heehee, we did! One last kopek before starting the new year! The arrangement to Skype with them was pure selenger yet gleefully endearing. Tengoklah, dorang duduk kat Starbucks same-same tapi each holding their own phone and have earsets on and duduk jauh-jauh to avoid audio feedback. Merepek but cute lah. Haha, I miss hanging out with them! To the new Wild Wild Wet when I come back to Singapore!

31 Dec – 6.30PM to 7.30PM

I decided to Skype with my family just because it was the last day of the year (and my parents’ anniversary). The one hour was filled with “hahaha” and “pffth” and “ugh” and “ok… ok…” and “happy new year” moments. Only they can bring the best and worst out of me in an hour, hah! ❤

31 Dec to 1 Jan – 10.30PM to 3.30AM


My countdown was spent with my favourite person in the world and all I know is that I’m damn lucky to be his wife. If I have to choose a song to describe him, the perfect one is Adele’s “Daydreamer” ❤ To more adventures together in 2017!

01 Jan – 12.30PM to 4.00PM

T had to work on holiday weekend, so I made plans with this bunch for lunch. It was supposed to be brunch, but y’know, janji Melayu. Haha, the highlight of the meet-up was the decision to find a guy with green eyes, nose so sharp that it can slice a cake, and dark coloured hair. Anybody know anybody like this??

02 Jan – 2.30PM to 11.00PM

Last week, the weather forecast predicted sunshine, but the complete opposite happened on the day itself. We planned to have a pool party at our place, but the rain just wouldn’t stop. Disappointing, tsk.

The makciks came first and we ate and cooked and ate and chatted and ate. The boys were working and only reached in time for dinner, and haha, we ate again. And then, we played Monopoly Deal maliciously! I swear this game brings the monster out of people! We changed some rules and raised the stake by having a forfeit – The loser had to update his/her Facebook status with, “I like to korek hidung and I cannot lie.” Telling your online family and friends that you pick your nose is pretty much a social embarrassment, haha!

Gosh, I’m so glad that I didn’t lose, haha! We were laughing hysterically at the loser when she did her forfeit and we added on funny comments on her post. There were a lot of other wtf-ape-kau-merepek-lol moments on this day, but the Monopoly Deal trumped everything else!


To an even brighter year ahead ❤


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