Shifts in motion

When you first hear it, tears immediately start welling in your eyes. You give it a second thought, and your heart involuntarily aches. Your thought flits to the remember when you last had the pounding pain. Was it the time you screamed and tried to shake her out of it? Maybe. That is well over two years now. And that is not a nice memory.

You come back to the present. “Shh…” you will your heart but it will not stop the unbearable throbs. They hinder you from thinking straight. You lose it all when tears roll down. White noise fills your head, with each negative frequency confusing you even more about it. Suddenly, you feel sick to your stomach. Your insides seem to have knot themselves tight, and with every breath, they only got tighter. Your soft call for silence has changed to a ferocious “Shut the fuck up! Stop thinking! Think nothing!”

Eventually, I gave in.


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