Week 47 in Melbourne

The past weekdays were not exciting. Most of the time, I was at home, doing routined activities. Weekend came in early on a Thursday night, though…


I stumbled upon an art exhibition at the library in the city, and was drawn to Elija Montgomery’s “I AM A MONSTER”, particularly to the photo above. It’s just relatable.


Later, I had a nice date with T 🙂



Woke up and T made breakfast! We spent the entire day lazing around at home. (Oh! He finally finished Uncharted 4, and haha, I tried my hands on Goat Simulator, which is omg, sooooo stupid, it’s addictive…) We only showered when it was time to have our double date dinner with Wi and Mi. Heh.


Some people recommended Cookie to me, which was why I suggested to eat there. The food was not bad (we had the stuffed calamari, fried chicken and fried fish), and the place looked charming. But, my goodness, the noise in the restaurant was so horrendous! Music was playing loudly, and everyone was speaking even louder. We had to strain our ears and compete against other people’s voices, just to share stories. Absolutely won’t go there again, unless we get seats at the balcony.



Before meeting H, I was a little anxious. I’ve never volunteered to accompany someone with acquired brain damage before, hence I didn’t know what to expect. Sure, I read stuffs online to prepare myself, but theory isn’t the same as practical. We had an awkward start when he came out of the train. I wasn’t aware that his right hand was not functioning, so when I extended my hand to shake his, he gave me his left, and I was caught off guard. It took me a few seconds too long to shake his hand.

It took him a while to warm up to me. Maybe it’s because of my stupid ignorant greeting? Or maybe it’s because he’s still a teenager? I prefer to think the latter. Anyway, after encouraging him to speak more, we got on well. He even cracked some funny jokes 😀 I was supposed to just spend about 15 minutes with him, but circumstances made me hang out with him for almost an hour. He probably doesn’t know it, but he made me feel inspired and happy for most of the Saturday, and I’m very grateful for it.

After H high-fived me goodbye, I walked around the city to soak in the street art. I was very glad that the grey clouds went away, allowing me to enjoy my walk…



Sunday did not start out great. And T wasn’t around – he had to work this weekend. But hehe, he was really sweet to call in during lunch to check on me and suggest to eat out 🙂 Korean food, yay!

I was still moping around in the late afternoon when I found something exciting online, and that helped perked me up too. I discussed more about it with T over dinner, and we’ll see if it materializes into anything… ❤


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