Melbourne CBD Incident

Something that I’ve taken for granted is life itself. Sure, I’ve documented all the activities that I’m thankful for on this blog, but I guess I forget the only reason I can do them is because I have a body which is alive and healthy.

Yesterday, a man deliberately did burnouts on a busy road juncture in front of Flinders Street Railway Station and then drove on walking pathway at Swanson and Bourke Street to hit innocent people. About 5 minutes after, T and I were on the particular pathway.

Just before, we planned to walk all the way to Flinders Street Railway Station because it’s been a while since T walked in that city area. But somehow, halfway there, he was drawn to a bridge that linked to another part of the city, and we walked there instead. That shielded us from the crazy burnouts.

A while later, we were walking on Swanston Street to head for lunch. Somehow, I decided to pop into a store for a quick look at the dresses displayed. That few minutes gave us the opportunity to not be part of the people running for their lives.

To say the least, the both of us were very lucky. Those injured or dead could have been us, if not for the slight changes in routes taken. It could have been us.

T’s boss called to check on him just a few minutes after, instructing us to get into a building for safety. Apparently, their city office’s building was locked down. Of course, from then till midnight, T’s phone rang every now and then as he needed to ensure that they were safe. I am not part of the organization, but I can vouch for T and his boss’ nightmarish experience. It’s amazing how calm and collected they were. And it was a relief to eventually know that all was safe.

Reading the live updates here made me sick to my stomach. The details shared, especially about the 3-months-old baby being flung out of his pram and the 4 deaths, were heartbreaking. Police stated that this wasn’t an act of terrorism. Obviously, they’re wrong. This mad man’s acts were clearly terrorizing. I mean, look at the videos! It’s bloody similar to the truck incident at Nice, when the driver purposely rammed into people. So how can it not be a terrorist attack???

I got more frustrated when I went on my online social platform. Everyone else was going on and about with their happy lives, when unjustified deaths and injuries had just happened. It was unfair. But I don’t blame these virtual friends. Damn, even I have been going on with my happy life despite all the acts of terror, war and poverty happening in the world. And I do resign to the idea that if death is to be upon you, death will be upon you. Plus, I know that in near future, I will not be as affected by this incident as the victims involved, and will move on to carrying my own life. But still, it was unfair. But I can’t do anything much about it, can I?

This morning, I walked over to Flinders Street Railway Station to do my volunteer job. I noticed the donut marks left by the man on the road. It serves as a stark reminder of what happened and that one’s alive and healthy body can be taken away so easily. Again, I thought, “It could have been us.”


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