Week 48 in Melbourne


Apart from the haunting incident that happened, last week was a great week 🙂 Sunsets have been more beautiful, especially on 16 January. If you’re my friend on Instagram or Facebook, you’d have seen the hyperlapse video of the gorgeous changes from 8pm to 10pm!

5 other great things that happened:

1) T and I have been asking our Melbournian friends what is considered to be an Australian food. Most had trouble giving examples, but more often then not, they talked about Vegemite. They say it tastes disgusting but they eat it anyway – it’s been fed to them since young. We never got around trying it until T’s friend, Li, decided to randomly buy us a bottle when she saw it while grocery shopping. We tried it, and omg, it’s so super salty and I can’t make out the rest of the taste! True as they say, it was gross. We will have to think of creative ways to finish up the bottle, haha!

2) I met my girlfriends (Wi, Mi and Az) to check out the South Melbourne Night Market. We thought of eating dinner there, but after walking 2 rounds around the different food trucks, nothing looked fantastic. So, we headed to a nearby restaurant for the soft shell crab sliders, calamari salad, and pasta. The food was sooooo good! What was even better was the different topics of conversation, especially about the waiter with very long hair, hehe! His dreadlocks has grown longer than beneath his butt. “Macam mane eh die tido? Peluk rambut die eh?” “Macam mane die naik roller coaster? Kene orang depan belakang tak?” “Macam mane die gi toilet?” The list of questions on how he gets on with life were long, probably as long as his hair 😛


3) T and I lepaked with these two, and hopefully, I get to a) hang out at their place soon so that I can play with their new cute cat, Molly; b) learn some skateboarding tricks the next time we meet! And oh, I finally used the underground public toilet on this day ’cause that was the first toilet we could find and we needed it urgently. Surprisingly, the toilet was clean and not as dodgy as I imagined it to be. Heck, there were lotsa tissue prepared for guests. Hah.


4) My sister has a charming way of asking for help. The “haha” and “are u still alive” greeting made me scoff and laugh at the same time, heh. Anyway, at times like this, I’m again at awed with technological advancements. 12 years ago, when I was X’s age, I can’t just WhatsApp someone in another country to solve a mathematics problem. Now, she can. Wonder how things will be like 12 years from now.

5) Food makes me happy. (Haha, I’ve probably said this a million times on my blog!) The two dishes which T and I had that were exceptionally awesome were the fried chicken and potato heaven we ordered from Gami, and the nasi goreng kampung I cooked!

Seriously, I exercise just so that I can eat eat eat. Definitely gotta up my exercise game since I’m now back in Singapore, and the only activity T and I do is eat lotsa local food. Can’t wait to share photos and details on the food we’re indulging! 😀


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