Week 51 in Melbourne


I have 4 favourite dates in a year, and one of them was in last week – 07 Feb, my wedding anniversary! T and I gave ourselves a treat to steaks for dinner, before being a bit reckless by taking on 2 espresso each 😛 Needless to say, it was a sleepless night….. (Haha, bodoh kan?)

On a special note, the conversations we had that night were very meaningful and as always, I’m thankful to grow and mature with him by my side ❤

And oh, I finally have accepted to be identified as a wife. Before this, I was in denial, labelling myself as a girlfriend co-habitating with her boyfriend. Actually, the change in terms doesn’t change anything much, just tweaked a very very very small fraction of our lives, e.g. I can now say things like, “Your wife wants to watch ‘Married At First Sight’, teman her please!” instead of “I want to watch ‘Married At First Sight’, teman me please!”, just to up the menyampah level, hehe!


Met up this bunch on 09 Feb for dinner, ICE ICE COFFEE, and to catch the movie, ‘Lion’. During dinner, T and I told them about the plans that’s happening on 23 March and from their reaction, I can foresee myself crying when we leave Melbourne then 😦

Speaking of crying, ‘Lion’ is a tear jerker and it was soooooooooo funny to be sitting beside a friend who couldn’t stop sniffling throughout the movie! Heehee!

On 11 Feb, the city kids travelled out to Lilydale to celebrate Kak A’s birthday 🙂 We had yummy barbecue food, super addictive chips, and lotsa cake 😛 It was a lovely gathering and hehehe, I can’t wait for Adele’s show in March! Hehe, we bought the birthday girl a ticket and all of us are so excited! 😀

(*Apart from the first photo, all photos are taken by Mi, hehe.)


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