Week 53 to 56 in Melbourne

*blows dust off blog*

I’ve taken such a long break from blogging, I forgot on how to start a post, hah! Hmm. Let’s see. Perhaps I should explain firstly: The lack of posts is not because I’ve got nothing to share. In fact, the past few weeks have been filled with many social meet-ups. T and I even made a quick trip back to Singapore. All these happened because we have been told that we were leaving Melbourne on 23 March to move to a new country, a new city….

So basically, the lunches and dinners were supposedly farewell meals with different group of friends, and the trip back to our homeland was to get our vaccinations and my visa approved. But heyho, we were informed last week that due to unforeseen circumstances, our posting out date has been postponed to 27 April. So it’s pretty weird that we’ve caught up with everybody for the “last” time, but not really the last time since we’ve got another month. Nonetheless, all is good ’cause one more meet-up with these friends means more bonding time and more food to eat and more activities to do 😀

Top 5 highlights for the last month, apart from the “farewell” lunches and dinners:

1. T’s birthday on 2 Mar

I always look forward to celebrating T’s birthday. It’s one of those times when I can be sneaky and not tell him about the surprises that were coming up. Everything went as planned and hehehe, his reactions to the 3 main surprises – the PS4 camera and VR set from me and his in-laws, the delicious steak, and the creme brûlée – were priceless! It was a day spent really splendidly ❤

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 3.05.50 PM

And hehe, T’s sister organised a celebration with his side on the day we got back 🙂

2. Watching Adele on 19 Mar

I regret sitting very far away from this goddess. I wish I was as close to her, as I was to Adam Levine at Maroon 5’s 2015 gig in Amsterdam. But what to do, Adele’s tickets were not as cheap as Maroon 5’s: $204 vs $84. Heh.

Minus the distance, the show that Adele put on was mighty glorious! Her singing made me have goosebumps and when she’s not belting songs, the stories she told were so funny! ❤

3. Hosting A and S from 17 Mar to 20 Mar

T’s cousin, A, and his wife, S, told us that they were coming to Melbourne for Adele and we offered them to stay at our apartment. It was a wonderful decision… I am not close to T’s extended family and hanging out with these two made me understand the dynamics of the family more. Also, they are two bubbly people who injected so much laughter during their stay and hahaha finally, I’ve got someone else (i.e. A) who can layan T’s nonsense*!

They came at the right time as sun was shining bright (too bright for Autumn, really) and we get to go to all touristy areas without the hindrance of rain. Hehe, one of the places we went was the pink lake! The boys were grumbling on how merepek it was, but I was very happy to see the bandung coloured water 😀

We were out in the sun so much that T and I got tanned, almost burnt really – Just look at the wefie for Adele! It’s amazing how the two of them maintained their skin tone…

*cues jokes on cycling, sitting on grass, and the leather jacket

4. Trying out new recipes

Kuih Lapis on 26 Feb and Roti Kirai on 13 Mar 😛 Yum yum!

5. Swimming in a rock pool on 5 Mar

Weather was a little gloomy on the day that we headed to Flinders Rockpool but that didn’t stop us from going for an adventure. The water was sooooo refreshing and I super love the swimming ring – if not for it, I’d not have been able to dip in!

[Note: Some of the photos uploaded here have been taken from friends’ Facebook account :)]


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