138 to 145

138 – Laughing at T when he spoke nonsense upon waking up.

*45 minutes into me massaging T* (LOL, 2 days of hiking took a toll on his body.)

T: Dengar tak? (Did you hear?)
Me: I only hear your snores.
T: Huh, are you serious?
Me: What did you say?
T: Nak makan, so nak kene tuck in or tuck out? (I wanna eat, so do I need to tuck in or tuck out?)
Me: Hahahaha, what??
T: *realizes that he must have been dreaming ridiculously* Haha, what! How long have I slept?
Me: Hmm about 10 minutes.

139 – Cooking for T when eating out was a failure 

We’ve heard good reviews about the nasi lemak from Nasi Lemak House. And it did look aestatically pleasing. But boy, the taste was a disappointment. And the hip hop music playing in the tiny restaurant made the whole experience even worse.

So, three days later, I decided to cook nasi lemak at home. While it lacked the ikan bilis (anchovies), it was a more satisfying meal. 

140 – Having T follow me to the supermarket at night just because I didn’t feel like going alone in the afternoon.

141 – Being blamed for making T sleep late and in turn, him not waking up early to exercise before work.

142 – Eating a Bulla’s chocolate and Messina’s hazelnut white chocolate ice cream in a cone, prepared by T. 

143 – Debating with T on whether “I love you” or “Good night” should be the last words we say to each other before sleeping.

My stand was “I love you”. His was the other, with a strong supporting argument of, “In the morning, we always start with “Good morning” before anything else. So at night, it has to end with “Good night”.” But I don’t care, my stand stays grounded. 

144 – Bonding with our families together over Skype.

145 – Looking forward to our next trip back to Singapore 🙂


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